Bad Boys for Life movie review : Will Smith's film in which his son tries to kill him.

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Bad Boys for Life is a Hollywood action comedy film and the sequel to The Bad Boys film. The lead actors in the Bad Boys film Will Smith and Martin Lawrence continue their roles in Bad Boys for Life.

Will Smith (Mike Lowrey) and Martin Lawrence (Marcus Burnett) appear growing old in the film , where Marcus now wants to be a Good Boy from a Bad Boy, But Mike wants to spend his life there as it was before a BAD BOY. The story moves forward to where Mike's past unfolds, which changes his life.

Story of Bad Boys for Life :-

The story begins with Mike and Marcus hurrying to get somewhere. They arrive at a nursing hospital where Marcus' daughter Megan gives birth to a son. And Megan has named him "Marcus Miles Burnett", which is the name of Megan's dad Marcus. Marcus gets very emotional after seeing all this.

The story moves on from a Mexican Prison where Isabel Aretas widow of cartel kingpin Benito, escapes from the prison with the aid of her son Armando Armas. Isabel Aretas send Armando to Miami tasking him to assassinate those responsible for his father's arrest and eventual death, and she demands Armando Armas that to kill Miami detective Mike Lowrey at the last.

In Miami, Mike accompanies his partner Marcus to celebrate the birth of his grandson, where Marcus tells Mike about his retirement and desire to spend more time with family. During a celebration Mike is Shot by Armando, which makes Isabel very angry at Armando targeting Mike first. But somehow Mike survived in the hospital.

During Mike's recovery, Armando continued to assassinates other targets on his list. After the recovery, Mike becomes enraged and is determined to take revenge and asks his partner Marcus to help him find the shooter. But Marcus tells him that he is now retired and wants to spend his life being a Good Boy and tells him to forget everything and leave the matter.

Captain Howard tells Mike to stay away from this investigation but Mike refuses. So Captain Howard reluctantly allows Mike to work with the Tech-Driven Team (AMMO) In Charge Rita who is Mike's ex-girlfriend.

Chasing the clue, Mike reaches to "Zway-Lo" who is Armando's partner but Joey runs away from him and Mike runs after him to catch him. Then Armando arrives in a helicopter to save Zway-Lo as he tries to kill Mike, Zway-Lo repeatedly falls in the middle of his target, so he kills Zway-Lo. Before killing Mike, he tells him one thing his mother asked him to say before killing him "Hasta el Fuego". To cover Mike, Marcus starts gunfire on Armando.

Mike reveals to Marcus that Armando is probably his son. To know what happens next, you should watch the film.

Review of Bad Boys for Life :-

Bad Boys for Life is a good movie to watch with your friends, which is the story of two friends Who lives their life being a bad boy. Will Smith plays his role so effectively as if it were a real story. But it feel's bad to see Will Smith getting old.

Rating of Bad Boys for Life :-

The film is worth watching with friends, which tells a story of two bad boys.



IMDB RATING : 7.1/10