Birds of Prey movie story review : Harley Quinn made it amazing with her comic timing and madness.

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Birds of Prey is not just a Harley Quinn film, but a Girls Power movie, which calls itself the team of Birds of Prey. But the star of the film is definitely Harley Quinn a crazy girl who loves to destroy things, her real name is Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel. If you have seen the film Suicide Squad, then you will be able to understand the story of the film, Because the film is a follow-up to Suicide Squad which was released in 2016.

The story moves forward with a group of girls rescuing the little girl from the gangster. Harley Quinn has shown a lot of madness and action scenes in the film which the viewers would love to see. The film story begins in Gotham City, the city of Batman where Harley finds her love Joker, and his madness towards the Joker makes her so crazy and criminal.

Story of Birds of Prey :-

The story begins with Harley Quinn where the Joker breaks up with her and kicks her out. Harley breaks down with all of this, but she manages to handle herself. She find a new place for herself which belongs only to her. later she adopts a Laughing Hyena and named it Bruce in the name of Bruce Wayne. She tells everyone that she has had a breakup with the Joker but no one believes it, so she enjoys her life and does what she loves to do, because no one can harm Harley because everyone is afraid of the Joker.

Harley heard some girls whispering that Harley is the Joker's slave and she could never have a breakup with him. To make everyone believe, Harley blasts Joker's toxic industrial processing plant where Harley once convinced Joker of her love. After which everyone was convinced that Harley and the Joker had a breakup, taking advantage of which all the enemies of Harley fall behind to kill her.

Then the story involves the entry of some new character First Renee Montoya who is a GCPD detective who investigates a series of mob killings by a crossbow. And the Second girl Angelina call herself crossbow killer who was once a princess but her family was killed by some gangsters, So she is taking revenge by killing those gangsters. Renee Montoya learns that Harley Quinn has blasted the toxic industrial processing plant and that she now has a breakup with the Joker, so she too falls behind her.

Roman Sionis who is a black mask and leader of gangsters. One day, Harley gets drunk at a nightclub owned by Roman Sionis, where she meets Dinah Lance, the singer of that nightclub. Who later rescues the drunk Harley from an alleged kidnapping, Roman gets impressed by Dinah's skills and appoints her his new driver. When Renee Montoya get this news, she tried to convince Dinah to be an informant on Roman for them, but Dinah refused the offer.

When Roman is told by his right-hand-man Victor that Harley is no longer under Joker's protection, he tells Victor to round her up and bring her to him, so that he Can make her his slave. Roman sent Dinah Lance and his right-hand-man Victor to retrieve the diamonds embedded with the account numbers of the Bertinelli family, who had been killed years earlier by their gangsters. Young pickpocket Cassandra steals diamonds from Victor and swallows it after being arrested, which makes Roman very angry.

Harley is captured by the Roman's men. Victor informs Roman that Cassandra has a diamond, and Dinah warns Renee Montoya about all the situation and diamond. As the enraged Roman prepares to kill Harley, she offers to recover the diamond for him. Roman agrees, but also places a reward on Cassandra. Harley breaks into GCPD with a variety of firework grenade launcher rounds in her unique style, she frees Cassandra and both get escape from there.

Harley's apartment is later bombed by gangster in search of Cassandra, later she calls Roman offered to Cassandra over to him in exchange for her protection. Roman Agreed to meet Harley at an abandoned amusement park. Dinah informs Montoya about the proposal, but her betrayal is seen by Victor, So they informed Roman about this. At the amusement park Victor killed by Crossbow girl Angelina. Now Crossbow girl, Harley Quinn, Dinah and Renee Montoya get face to face each other there.

So what will happen in the end when they all face each other. Watch the movie to know the end.

Review of Birds of Prey :-

The movie is really interesting to watch with the witty humor of Harley Quinn. Film has good story of power of girls. After the painful break-up with joker, Harley find her own destiny and woke up on her own dream. The film's characters were played so well that it cannot be explained. film has no adult scene that is really amazing to watch with group.

Rating of Birds of Prey :-



IMDB RATING : 6.7/10