Bloodshot movie review : Vin Diesel comic superhero film has nothing new to attract viewers.

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Happy moment for Vin Diesel's fan. Bloodshot has been released in theaters on this Friday. Bloodshot is a comic superhero film played by Vin Diesel. His name in the film is Ray and he is playing the character of Bloodshot. He returns from death with great power and cannot be defeated or killed, his greatest feature is that he can heal himself. The film has many characters with so much action and power. You will not get any suspense or mystery scene after watching the film, but after watching the Vin Diesel action scene, you are going to swing happily. Second part of the film can also come. But due to the corona virus, the film's collection has definitely been affected, and the state government has closed the theater till the end of March. So fans of Vin Diesel who have not seen the film will have to wait until the theater reopens.

Story of Bloodshot :-

Vin Diesel plays a bloodshot character who was a soldier Named Ray and who dies in a dangerous accident and he brought back from death by a Dr. Emil Harting (Guy Pearce) with the help of nanotechnology. And he becomes more powerful than a normal human being. He remembers something that man who murdered both him and his wife, now he wants to avenge his and his wife's death, so he started searching for the murderer. But he finds that a company has used him for his own benefit, and erases his memory repeatedly and updates it. Like replacing things from places and changing the face of bloodshot's enemies so he can kill him for them. But somehow he comes to know, and becomes an enemy of that company. To know what will happen next? You have to watch the film.

Review of Bloodshot :-

Vin Diesel's character is the most powerful of all the villains in the film. It will remind you of the movie RoboCop. There is nothing new in the film to show its audience, the film has only action to watch and nothing else, but after watching the Vin Diesel action scene, you are going to swing happily. As the film progresses, nothing resembles mystery or suspense in the film. The total running time of the film is 1 hour 50 minutes.

Rating of Bloodshot :-

There is no new story in the film instead of the action sequence. But the CGI effect is really good to see.



IMDB RATING : 5.7/10