Commando 3 movie review : Vidyut Jammwal a killing machine for all terrorist

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Commando 3 is the story of an anti-terrorist attack in India, but Karanvir Singh Dogra (Vidyut Jamwal) managed to stop it. Vidyut Jamwal and Bhavana Reddy will reprise their roles with Angira Dhar and Gulshan Devaiah in lead roles.

This time Commando 3 is shot in Bradford and York City in England with full action. It has become the highest grossing film in the Commando series.

Story of Commando 3 :-

The film begins with Mumbai Police arresting three young terrorist suspects who were going to do something big in India, but police did not get any information during interrogation. Karanvir Singh Dogra (vidyut Jammwal)is called to help the Mumbai Police.

Karan is seen rescuing some school girls, where some wrestlers harass the school girls as they go to school in skirts. That scene and dialogue "लंगोट को स्कर्ट की इज्जत करना सीखा रहा हु" became quite popular on youtube.

Later, Karan appears to be interrogating the terror suspects but one of the suspect kills himself in front of him saying Something very big is going to happen after which the world will forgot the 9/11 attack.

Karan Dogra finds out that the terror suspect was receiving money and VHS tapes from London and karan decoded the message that the attack would take place In India on day of Diwali.

Karan goes to London along with Bhavna Reddy as an undercover who assisted him in a previous mission. There they arrive as a married couple and meet Malaika Sood, a British intelligence officer who takes them to their workplace, where another man named Aramia assists them.

On the other hand, British Muslim terrorist Buraq Ansari forces his son to watch a man being killed by him, due to which the intelligence came to know about the terror attack in India.

He learns that two Indian undercover agents have come to London to catch him. Buraq enlisted the help of his agent to track them down. With the same process, Karan and his team track Burak's agent.

Karan traces out the agent of Buraq but the suspect dies in an accident in a bike chase. Chasing clue, Karan find out Buraq and his weakness, which is his son. Karan takes his son and wife to the media, where she reveals that Buraq is a terrorist.

Buraq hatches a conspiracy, and handover himself to a British officer. where he manages to kill his wife and kidnapped to his son. Karan is removed from the case by a British officer and asked to return to India.

You will have to watch the film to know what Karan does to stop the terrorist attack happening in India.

Review of Commando 3 :-

The film has grossed the highest in the Commando series. There is no new story in the film. Jihadi is planning a terrorist attack in India and Karan is going to stop it, but background scene of England is good to watch. There is a scene of a girl harassed by a wrestler where Karan teaches them a good lesson, which is worth watching.

Adah Sharma has given some funny scenes, where as Vidyut Jammwal has given good fighting scenes. Gulshan Devaiah has done well as a mastermind of terror attack.

Rating of Commando 3 :-



IMDB RATING : 5.6/10