Darbaar movie review : Rajinikanth won the hearts of the audience but not the script of the film.

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Darbaar movie is based on the drug supplier and trafficking gang who makes the younger generation addicted of drugs and spoil their life. Film star Rajinikanth plays Aaditya Arunachalam character commissioner of Mumbai police who is a single father of a daughter Valli.

Film star Rajinikanth has turned 70, but his moves and action are still young as he looks in the film.The story of the film is not new, but the best thing about the film is that it has Rajinikanth in the role of police officer. Movie running time is about 150 minutes.

Story of Darbaar :-

The film begins with Aaditya Arunachalam encountering miscreants in Mumbai and searching for an answer he does not know. Human rights take strict action against Aaditya for fake encounter, but Aaditya threatens them and takes a signature on clean paper from them. The human rights member asked an associate of Aditya about Aditya's rude behavior and his daughter valli.

In a flashback, Aaditya comes to Mumbai with his daughter Valli to become the Commissioner of Mumbai Police and cleaning up drugs and trafficking. At the airport, they come to know that the deputy CM's daughter is missing along with her two friends. Chasing clues, Aditya discovers CM's daughter and both her friends and rescues them from Kidnapper, but taking advantage of the situation, Aditya catches all the drugs supplier, and also saves several girls from trafficking.

During the mission, he come to know of drug and girl suppliers Ajay Malhotra who is the son of industrialist Vinod Malhotra. Aaditya imprisons Ajay, whom his father Vinod Malhotra makes every effort to save. When Aaditya goes to jail to see Ajay, he realizes that there is a proxy in the jail not Ajay.

Aaditya asked the Indian government's council to investigate it, but the corrupt officials confirmed that it's Ajay and not a proxy. After Aaditya learns that Ajay is in Thailand with a fake passport, Aaditya enlists the help of a Thai officer to arrest Ajay for using a fake passport.Since the government has already declared that Ajay is in jail, they are forced to declare Ajay's identity as a different person in Thailand.

Taking advantage of the situation, Aaditya shot the proxy in jail and announced to show the dead body in public. In order to protect himself, corrupt officials had to shoot Ajay. At Ajay's funeral, Vinod Malhotra revealed that Ajay is not his child. Ajay is the real son of the notorious international drug lord Hari Chopra.

Hari discovers Ajay's death and enters India and kills Vinod as soon as he arrives. He also attacks Aditya while he was driving with his daughter in which Aaditya is injured and fainted and his daughter dies due to internal head bleeding. Valli's death makes Aditya extremely violent and he starts slaying all the criminals mercilessly.

He finds a clip recorded by Valli for Aditya before she dies. Which shows that there is a third person behind all this. Aditya comes to know about Hariharan Chopra who was Ajay's real father and is avenging his son's death. Hariharan 'hari' is a drug lord who ablaze several police officers and burnt them alive in a police station 27 years ago.

Aditya managed to kill Hariharan, in the same police station in which Hariharan burned all police officers 27 years ago.

Review of Darbaar :-

Hariharan character was played by Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty and he performed very well. film script was not that good as it should be but people love to watch Rajinikanth in the movie so film has managed to earn well.

Rating of Darbaar :-



IMDB RATING : 6.5/10