Hasmukh series story review : Dark Comedy of Vir Das whose each comedy takes someone's life.

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Hasmukh is a web series aired on Netflix. The series shows the dark side of Hasmukh, a comedian played by Veer Das. Every comedy of Hasmukh costs someone's life. Apart from Veer Das, the series stars like Ranvir Shorey, Ravi Kishan, Inaamulhaq and Manoj Pahwa. The series follows the story of small-town comedian and serial killer Hasmukh. The series premiered on Netflix on April 17, 2020.

The series consists of 10 episodes with approximately 30+ minutes running watch time.

Rating of Hasmukh :-



Story of Hasmukh :-

Series begins with Hasmukh a comedian and assistance of Gulati (Manoj Pahwa). Gulati is a well-known comedian of the town and Jimmy (Ranvir Shorey) is his manager who is also a friend of Hasmukh. Gulati and his team are preparing a stage comedy show for the wedding of the sister of Daroga Inaamulhaq who is inspector of the town.

Hasmukh wants to perform on stage but Gulati makes fun of Hasmukh and calls him bad-word, which makes Hasmukh feel bad and asks for his money back. But Gulati refuses to give him the money. Hasmukh forcefully tries to go on stage wearing Gulati's coat, which causes Gulati and Hasmukh to fight and Hasmukh accidentally cut Gulati's throat using a knife and then killed him.

Hasmukh performs well on stage which makes everyone laugh a lot, and makes everyone so happy. Jimmy realizes that Hasmukh has done something with Gulati, and rush to Gulati and found him dead. Jimmy destroys all the evidence to save Hasmukh and contracts with Husamukh that he will be his manager.

After this, the perfomance of Hasmukh goes very bad on all stage show. Jimmy ask Hasmukh to cuts a chicken and a goat like he cuts the Gulati's throat using knife, which might bring him the same feel again, but nothing happens. Then his uncle comes to him and threatens him to do well on stage. Hasmukh's uncle used to beat him using a belt since childhood of Hasmukh.

Hasmukh asks Jimmy to get ready for the show and he kills his uncle using his belt. After that he did very well on stage. He always sees Gulati's soul around him before he perform on stage. Jimmy asks Hasmukh to do more stage shows and will bring in someone he can kill but Hasmukh denies this but after Jimmy's request he gets ready but in one condition he won't kill any innocent.

Hasmukh gets invitation for stage show by Pradhan's PA. Who takes ransome money and is a murderer. Hasmukh kill him using the belt and later performed very well on stage. By his performance he become very popular comedian. Hasmukh gets Invitation of Mumbai for Stand-up comedy on Comedy Badshaaho show by Promila who works for Alankar TV owner Mr. Sinha (Ravi Kishan).

Watch the series to know how will Hasmukh find his victim in Mumbai and how he gonna save himself in a city like Mumbai. A lot of comedy by Hasmukh that kills someone in Mumbai.

Review of Hasmukh :-

The series is really fantastic to watch, but the series has a lot of abusing words. The story of the series is unique but it will remind you of Hollywood 2019 film Joker. Hasmukh has seen hard times and is in a lot of pain in his life. Hasmukh's stand-up comedy will make you laugh a lot.