Jawaani Jaaneman movie review : The story between father and daughter but in a strange way.

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Jawaani Jaaneman is the story of a father-daughter relationship and their bond, how a daughter changes her father's lifestyle. Saif Ali Khan plays jazz who is a party lover and a playboy, the film has a remix song of Ole Ole which will remind you of Young Saif Ali Khan. The film has comedy, emotion and drama which movie lovers will love to see.

Story of Jawaani Jaaneman :-

Story begins with Saif Ali Khan who is having fun in club of his Friend Rajendra Sharma (Chakki Pandey). Jazz and his brother are a broker, and are showing the customer a plot for the building complex that the customer loves and is willing to pay Jazz a good price for the deal.

At the club, Jazz meets a girl who asks him to walk somewhere where they can talk, Jazz takes him to his apartment and thinks to have fun, but only than the girl tells Jazz that there might be a 33.333 percent chance He is her father whom Jazz is shocked to hear.

After an argument, they both go to the hospital for DNA testing. A day later Jazz is trying to have fun with a girl, but suddenly his daughter comes to him and tells him that she want to stay with him 'cos she is having some trouble. And on the second day they have to go to see DNA report

With the DNA report positive, Jazz came to know that she is pregnant too. After that incident, Jazz indirectly talks to his friend Rhea (Kubbra Sait) about the incident, but she finds out that he is telling his own story, and assures Jazz that God has given him special gift without any effort which is a good thing.

Tia tells Jazz that she wants to show him something. Both of them come to Jazz's apartment but due to the projector not working, she is unable to show the video of sonogaraphy to Jazz, then only Jazz's brother comes to that apartment. and moment later Jazz's parents also reach there. After some misunderstanding, Jazz has to tell his brother and parents that Tia is her daughter and she is pregnant.

After having a good family bonding, Tia helps her father and uncle to get that plot they are trying to get for their investors. After some time Tia's mother and her boyfriend come to meet Tia, where Tia introduces her mother and father to each other. Tia's mother Ananya (Tabu) is a drug addict.

After some time, something happens that causes Tia to leave her father Jazz, and move in with her mother. You have to watch the film to know what happened.

Review of Jawaani Jaaneman :-

There is something new in the story of the film. The film reflects the modern culture of relationships that may not liked by Indian audiences. The movie has good comedy and emotional scenes and The film shows the importance of family in life. The film is shot in foreign country.

Rating of Jawaani Jaaneman :-



IMDB RATING : 7.1/10