Samantar series review : Interesting plot of two lives where Swapnil Joshi wants to go beyond his future.

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Samantar is an interesting plot of two lives where two people has same palmistry, one is the past and the other one is the future. The story of the series is brand new you may have never seen or heard before. Swapnil Joshi is playing the character of Kumar Mahajan, who is an atheist. But something happens that makes Kumar Mahajan believe in superstition.

Samantar is a thriller Marathi web series available on MX Player, dubbed in various languages such as Hindi. Kumar Mahajan gets upset with his life, nothing good happens in his life, due to which he keeps trying to change his future. The series has a total of 9 episodes with a watch time of around 20 minutes.

Story of Samantar :-

The story begins with Kumar Mahajan where his faithful bestfriend Sharad takes him to a Swamiji but Mahajan does not like going there because he is an atheist who does not believe in God and superstition. Swamiji tells the future of anyone by looking at his palmistry, Swamiji tells Kumar some incidents of his past, which make Kumar believe in him. But when he sees Kumar's palmistry, he refuses to tell him his future.

Swamiji told him that i had seen this palmistry years ago. That day I refused to tell you your future. So today, by different name, you have come to know your future. Kumar assures Swamiji that he had never visited him before. But Swamiji does not believe in him and he search a paper of the same Palmistry that belongs to someone else who's name was 'Sudarshan Chakravani'. Swamiji tells Kumar that his past will be your future. And i did not even tell him his future, nor will I tell you. Because I do not want you to commit the same mistakes that he committed.

Kumar goes out from there, calling Swamiji bad-mouthed. Kumar's son has an accident. For whose treatment Kumar needs money, so he cheats the company. So the boss expels him from the company. Enraged Kumar goes back to Swamiji but he does not find him there. Kumar goes to the old address of 'Sudarshan chakravani' to find him, which his friend Sharad told him. Kumar finds that he lived here 40 years ago and then he transfered to Kolhapur Panhala. Then only Kumar's friend Sharad call him and tells that he has not been fired, but has been transferred to Kolhapur Panhala.

Seeing Kumar upset, his wife asked him to go to Guruji 'Sahastrabuddhhe' who would tell them the solution to their problems, but before they reached there, Guruji has died. Kumar gets worried about all this. Kumar goes to Kolhapur Panhala where a person named Hanmya who is a servant of the company welcomes him, and takes Kumar to the guest house. In the guest house, Kumar feels like someone is calling him. He sees a house through his window that attracts him, Hanmya tells kumar that the house belongs to us, Kumar tells the desire to stay there.

After meeting the boss at night, when Kumar comes to the guest house, he feels that someone is calling him, whom chasing kumar reaches to a hill top and is about to fall, when Hanmya pulls Kumar back. And asked him what you are doing here but Kumar does not know anything how he reach there. Hanmya tells him that the same thing happened many years ago. Kumar shows an eagerness to know the man with whom the incident took place. Kumar shifted to the house he saw from the window of his guest house.

Kumar begins to find out about Sudarshan Chakrapani when he meets an old man who tells him how he saved Chakrapani's life but he runs away from there putting him in debt. Kumar sees a painting that while cleaning he sees the name of Sudarshan Chakravani on it, from which Kumar realizes that Chakravani lived here before. Kumar returns to Mumbai to meet his wife and son. Sharad tells Kumar to go to Karjat where Sudarshan once worked.

Kumar arrives there and he learns about a man who knew Sudarshan. Kumar meets the man who tells Kumar the address of Sudarshan's bungalow, which is in Chiplun Retibandar, but then the man dies in an accident in front of Kumar. Kumar reaches the bungalow the same night, where he finds Sudarshan Chakravani. You have to watch this series to know what is going to happen next. You will have to watch this series to know what is going to happen next that changes Kumar's life. What Chakravani gives to Kumar by which Kumar can know his future.

Review of Samantar :-

Samantar is a plot of two lives where one is from the future and the other is from the past. And the interesting thing is both are alive One's past is the other's future. Story is about a guy who is atheist but something make him to believe superstition. The series is made on a low budget and you cannot watch this series with the family, because series has a kissing and abusing words. The story of the series is brand new you may have never seen or heard. You can watch it for free on MX Player.

Rating of Samantar :-