The Invisible Man movie review : The film has a great taste of suspense thriller and horror.

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The Invisible Man is the story of a girl who is harassed by her Boyfriend as to what to wear and what to eat, He tries to keep her in his way. There are many Characters in the film but The film's lead actress is Elizabeth Mose Playing the role of a tortured woman Cecilia. Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Adrian Griffin The Invisible Man who is a Boyfriend of Cecilia and a Medtech millionaire and a crazed Scientist. The film's title was taken from the 1993 film The Invisible Man. The Invisible Man is not a horror film, it is a suspense and thriller film that can scare you in any way by its background Music and Visuals. The first half of the film may not seem interesting to you, but as the scene of the film moves forward, it may increase your desire to watch the film. The film was released in the Indian movie theater on 28 February.

Story of The Invisible Man :-

The film begins with the story of a girl Cecilia who wants to escape from the captivity of her psycho boyfriend. Which she plans to do, one day at night she gives him a sleeping pill so that she can run easily. She informs her sister Emily about her plan so that she can save her. But do not know how Griffin reaches them and attacks on Cecilia, but Emily manages to escape from there with Cecilia. But while leaving, the pill falls from Cecilia's bag which Cecilia gave to Griffin to sleep on. It's been 2 weeks now, but Cecilia is afraid to go out of the house. She lives at the home of her friend James with her daughter Cindy, James is a detective. One day Emily comes to Cecilia and reveals that Griffin has committed suicide and this news is being shown on every news channel. After hearing this news, she gets very relaxed and dares to go out of the house. She returns with a letter from the letter box outside the house sent by Adrian brother Tom Griffin. Because his brother has done some parts of the property in the name of Cecilia before he dies. After that, Cecilia's life begins well. But after a few days strange things start to happen with Cecilia, Cecilia feels that someone is watching her every moment. After some incident, she again goes to Adrian's brother Tom Griffin with her friend James to tell him that Griffin is not dead. But everyone thinks she has gone mad. Now Adrian started playing with Cecilia's mind he, he turns her away from her sister Emilly and friend James. What happens next in the film, you have to watch the film to find out how she fails Adrian's plan and catch him?.

Review of The Invisible Man :-

The film has so much suspense and thriller. The characters of the film have done well. The film's background music, visuals and Direction's are well established. Graphics are not very good due to low budget of the film.

Rating of The Invisible Man :-

The film has everything for the audience with a good screenplay and direction.



IMDB RATING : 7.5/10