The last witch hunter movie review : Vin Diesels fantasy action film you can watch during quarantine.

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You must have come to know about the story of the film by the name of the film itself. So The Last Witch Hunters is the story of a man named Kaulder who is immortal and kills all witches. Vin Diesel is playing the role of Kaulder who becomes immortal and has been killing all the witches for centuries. But there comes a day when Kaulder has to die to kill the witch queen but there is also a little twist here.

We have seen Vin Diesel doing a fantasy and action film. And he is a brilliant actor who plays all his characters with his heart.

Story of The Last Witch Hunter :-

The film begins with Kaulder, a witch hunter who goes to kill a witch queen with his companions. All his companions are killed there, but Kaulder Manages to kill the witch queen. But while dying, the witch casts a spell on Kaulder, so that if someone puts a dagger in her heart, Kaulder also dies. So the priest decides to hides the heart of that queen to save Kaulder, now the story begins from here.

Kaulder has been immortal and has been hunting witches for centuries. He works for the Axe and Cross Organization, an organization that aims to maintain pace between humans and witches. They allow witches to live among humans, but without casting a spell on any humans. And whoever breaks this rule, they execute them or put them into a prision.

He is assisted by a priest called Dolan, a tradition taken from centuries earlier by priests who fought in the battle to destroy the witch queen. 36th Dolan tells Kaulder that the time has come for him to retire from his duties and he has chosen a new Dolan for him. But that night he dies in his sleep. Kaulder finds out that a witch has killed him and he finds traces of some old black magic he never saw after killing the Queen Witch. Kaulder realizes that the 36th Dolan is not dead, he is only in under of the black magic that will break when the witch dies who cast this spell.

Using the Clue the 36th Dolan has left, the Kaulder meets Chloe who is a good witch and helps Kaulder finds that witch. After finding that witch named Belial who casts a spell on 36th Dolan, Kaulder discovers that he is trying to revive the Queen Witch whom Kaulder had killed several centuries earlier.

He kills Belial but before he dies he succeeds in reviving that queen witch. To know what will happen next after the Queen Witch is revived and how Colder will kill that witch, you have to watch the film.

Review of The Last Witch Hunter :-

Films' characters play that character very well, especially the Queen Witch, played by Julie Engelbrecht, has performed very well.

Rating of The Last Witch Hunter :-

The film is worth watching with friends and family, the film has everything for the Fantasy lover.