Titans season 1 series review : DC heroes back as titans with lots of surprises and powers.

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The Titans series is based on the DC Comics team Teen Titans depicts a group of young super heroes who join in a fight against the evil people. The Titans series aired on October 12, 2018 with 11 episodes. Titan Season 1 focuses on the character of Rachel Roth who has some pathetic power.

The story gets more engaging in every episode of the series. Every episode will make you wondering what is going to happen next in the story. Titans is a fantasy film and its second season aired on 6 September 2019 and the third season will be aired this year 2020.

Story of Titans season 1 :-

The series begins with the girl Rachel Roth, who has a supernatural power, who lives with her mother, but one day her mother is shot and killed by a guy who want to take Rachel with him, but Rachel's inner power kill that guy with her power, Rachel learns that she was not her real mother with whom she was living.

Rachel meets Dick Grayson who is a detective in the city of Detroit, and he's a superhero Robin who is a sidekick of Batman. The story goes on where a woman finds herself in a car accident and she forgets everything about herself but chasing clues she finds her name is Kory Anders and has a superpower of fire and were looking for Rachel Roth

Rachel tells him that you are the same circus boy she sees in her dream. But Dick denies this and leaves her in custody and later he finds that someone took her with him. He follows the man. The man tells Rachel that he is a savior who wants to save the world from her. Rachel's inner superpower kills the man before Dick arrives.

Dick Grayson takes her to his old friends Dawn Granger and Hank Hall, who were part of the Titans group as a hawk and dove. Dick promises Rachel to always be with her and protect her. But Rachel finds out that Dick will leave her with them, which makes her very sad and angry at Dick. Just then, a Nuclear family arrives to kidnap Rachel, Dick and his friends Dawn Granger and Hank Hall gets injured while fighting, and Dawn goes into a coma and the Nuclear family takes Rachel with them.

Kory sees the family taking Rachel with them. The family stopped the car to the gas station, where kory burned the Nuclear father of the nuclear family and took Rachel with her, saying that she would be safe with her. She takes her to St. Paul's Convent where Kory finds out that she had been here earlier in search of Rachel and she finally finds her. The head nun tells her that Rachel was born here and that her mother moved in with Rachel to save her from her father.

Shortly afterwards, Kory takes Rachel to the 'Scooter roller skating rink', where Rachel befriended to Gar Logan at the pin ball machine, but is interrupted by Dick who wishes to leave with Rachel. Rachel accompanies Dick and Kory back to St. Paul, where Kory steals Dick's car to find herself. Dick follows her, and leaves Rachel alone for a while. Head Noon faints Rachel and locks her in a room. Where the inner power of Rachel's destroy the St. Paul's roof. Seeing whom Dick and Corey rush to find her.

Rachel escapes from there and meets Gar again in a forest who can take the form of a tiger. Gar takes her to his home where he lives with a different types of people. where Dr. Caulder saves the life of people by his experiment. Seeing Rachel's power, Dr. Caulder asks Gar to convince rachel to experiment on her so that he can improve her life.

Rachel agrees to experiment on herself, but during the experiment she refuses but Dr. doesn't listen to her, so Gar tries to stop the Dr. but Dr. knocks her unconscious. Seeing which Rachel gets angry and her inner power attacks Dr. only then Kory and Dick reach there and Dick calms Rachel and takes Rachel and Gar with him.

As the story progresses, new characters are entered, Rachel also finds her mother, but only then something happens that changes everything. watch the series to know what's gonna happen.

Review of Titans season 1 :-

There are a total of 11 episodes in the series which should be the 12 'cos ending of the series which has been moved to the second season of Titans. But this series is very interesting to watch, it will make you very curious to know what is going to happen next. There are groups of young titans who have some interesting power but Rachel is more powerful than all of them but is not able to handle her power. Dick is the mentor of all the young titans. Series watch time is too long but it make curious to watch it.

Rating of Titans season 1 :-