Truth or Dare movie review : When the game turns into a horrible death.

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Truth or Dare is a supernatural horror film that turns a simple game into a horrible game. The film is released on 13 April 2018.
The film is based on a group of college students who play a game of truth or dare while on vacation and then the game starts chasing them in their real life and they die one by one. But somehow actress Olivia and her friend found a way out of that game.
It is quite interesting to watch the film as the interest of watching the film increases as to what will happen next in the film.

Story of Truth or Dare :-

The film begins with a girl who seems a little scared and suddenly a voice comes and is asked to choose Truth or Dare and she chooses Dare and then has to complete the task of burning someone alive.

The story moves forward with the main character Olivia, who is a YouTuber and is posting videos on her YouTube channel when her friend Markie asks her to go on a spring break party along with her boyfriend Lucas and her friends Brad, Penelope and Tyson.

Where Olivia meets Carter, who invites all of them to drink wine at an abandoned church nearby. There he suggested them to play Truth or Dare games. During the game, it is revealed that Olivia has a crush on Lucas, which makes Markie angry.

Carter ends the game by admitting that he has trapped them in this horrifying supernatural game, and warns them to do whatever the game tells them to do, otherwise they will all die. But everyone considers this as a joke.

But after returning from the Spring Break party, Olivia is harassed by aggressive hallucinations to choose between Truth or Dare, Confused Olivia chooses Truth and blurts out that Markie is unfaithful to Lucas.

Other friends disbelieve Olivia's explanation of the cursed game, until Ronnie die, who was forced to kill himself by the game. After Ronnie, Disbelieving the reality of the game, Tyson denies the truth and is killed.

Olivia discovers a online story about a girl named Giselle, the girl who lit a woman while apparently playing this game at the beginning of the story, later Olivia uses a fake Facebook account to arrange a meeting with Gisele .

Later that Giselle revealed about the game about how she and her friends get implicate in the game, and aand while talking to Giselle, Olivia discovers that Carter is her friend whose real name is Sam, who implicated her in the game.

The story progresses where Olivia discovers the origins of the game and Olivia drive with her friends Lucas to meets a former nun named Inez Reyes. Where Inez Reyes tells them how she summoned an ancient demon named Calux to protect herself and her friends from a sadistic priest. who possessed the game of Truth or Dare.

After knowing how Olivia can save herself and her friends, you have to watch the film to find out.

Review of Truth or Dare :-

You will not feel anything like fear after watching the film, but will definitely increase your eagerness to know what will happen next. The budget of the film is very low but the film has earned well. The total budget of the film is $ 3.5 million and the total box office collection of the film is $ 95.3 million.

Rating of Truth or Dare :-

Film is good to watch but not for below 18+.



IMDB RATING : 5.1/10